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Real Darts 3D

Developer: GamesClan

Real Darts 3D is professional darts game available in market. Real Darts 3D has perfectly tune physics of darts through. In Real Darts 3D user will play with standard darts game rules. Real Darts 3D is complete game for every age users. Real Darts 3D is equipped with realistic darts AI to play against computer bot. Real Darts 3D is loaded with 3 gaming modes i.e. 301, 501 and Cricket. Each gaming mode has 3 playing modes i.e. Practice Mode, Two Player Mode and Player vs Bot Mode.Game Features:- Realistic Darts Graphics- Realistic and Smooth darts game controls- Standard Darts Game Rules
Game Modes:- 301- 501- Cricket
How to Play:Aim the dart pin by touch on screen and swipe to through it on darts board. Use your professional skills to through the darts pin to hit bull's eye.

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